firmware updateThe Disaster Area Designs MIDI Box 4 converts 5-pin (DIN) MIDI to a variety of 1/4" formats.  For Red Panda pedals, connect with a mono (TS) cable and set the MIDI Box port to TIP ACTIVE.

Scroll down for a video showing these steps.

First, connect your pedal to a computer using a USB cable and open the web editor for your pedal.  If you are unable to connect to the web editor:

  • Make sure your browser supports the Web MIDI API.
  • Make sure you allow to control your MIDI devices (look for a MIDI icon in the address bar).
  • Make sure the power supply outlet provides enough power for your pedal.

If you have problems at any time, first check if there is a firmware update available for your pedal.  The Config tab of the web editor shows the currently installed firmware.

On the Ctrl Port tab of the web editor, set the CTRL Port Mode to "MIDI In (TRS)".

Scroll down to the bottom of the tab and click Save.

On the Config tab of the web editor, you can select a MIDI channel and configure the pedal to receive or ignore MIDI clock.  Note: if you want to sync some presets to MIDI clock, turn on Receive MIDI Clock and set the Note Division parameters in un-synced presets to "Off".

You are done with the web editor and can unplug the USB cable.  The pedal will remember the settings when power is off.

Configure the MIDI Box 4 port for TIP ACTIVE (down - down - up).

Use a mono (TS to TS) cable to connect the MIDI Box 4 port to the pedal's CTRL port.

The pedal should respond to MIDI messages now.  You can test by sending MIDI program change messages for programs 1-4.  The preset LEDs on the pedal (if applicable) should change if you have presets stored in slots 1-4.  

Connecting two pedals to one port

The MIDI Box 4's TIP AND RING ACTIVE mode allows you to connect two pedals to one MIDI Box port, to route MIDI to up to eight pedals.

Use a TRS to dual TS insert (Y) cable with the TRS plug connected to the MIDI Box port. Connect each of the TS tip and ring plugs to a different pedal.


The MIDI Box 4 PWR/MIDI LED should blink when MIDI data is received.  If it does not, check the 5-pin DIN MIDI connection and confirm that the upstream device is sending MIDI.

Confirm that the MIDI transmitter is sending on the same MIDI channel that the pedal is set to.

The MIDI Box 4 converts standard MIDI current loop to voltage for controlling pedals with multi-purpose ports.  Try to connect the MIDI Box 4 and pedal to different outlets on the same power supply.