The Tensor has no output when it is on and a cable is plugged into the control port.  Output is heard when the pedal is in bypass.

Possible cause:

This could happen if SPEED is set to noon (tape stop), the control port is configured for expression pedal input, and an expression pedal is connected in toe down position.  It can also happen if there is a TRS MIDI cable connected, but the control port is configured for an expression pedal.

By default, the expression pedal morphs from normal playback (heel down) to the knob settings (toe down).  (The time knob is not affected.)  If the speed knob is at noon, playback will be stopped.  If a TRS MIDI converter is attached to the control port without configuring the control port for MIDI input, the MIDI signal from the TRS cable may be interpreted as a "toe down" expression pedal.

If you are using TRS MIDI, use the Ctrl Port tab of the Tensor web editor to confirm that the CTRL Port Mode is set to MIDI In (TRS). Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button to save any changes.

Next, unplug the cable from the Tensor's CTRL port and set the Tensor to a neutral setting:

SPEED 100%
TIME 50%

If you do not hear any output with those settings and nothing connected to the control port, contact us for additional assistance.