In Particle firmware version 2.2 and later, blinks the preset LEDs on startup to show whether the input is (2 & 3) or stereo (1 & 4).  Using mono (TS) input or output cables with the pedal configured for stereo is not a problem.

Mono input

Stereo input

If the bypass LED blinks red on startup, that means that the Particle detected some kind of error.  If you upgraded from an early firmware version to version 2.2 or later, it may simply be a configuration setting that wasn't carried forward.  That warning can be cleared by turning the pedal on, pressing the PRESET button until it cycles through all of the presets and turns off, then wait 10 seconds before unplugging the power.  You can then select whatever preset you want to be active on startup.

If the pedal detected an error, it will log an error code that you can send us.  You can check check for an error code either by using the web editor and looking for the error code on the Config tab, or by restarting it in firmware update mode:

 1. Hold down the left footswitch and connect power.

 2. The LED will blink blue.

 3. Continue holding the footswitch for 2 seconds.

 4. The LED will turn solid blue.  The pedal is now in USB Mass Storage mode.

 5. Release the footswitch.

 6. Connect the pedal to the computer using a mini USB cable.

 7. Open the pedal drive on your computer.

 8. Open the VERSION.TXT file in a text editor.

 9. Copy/paste the contents of the file here.