The Disaster Area Designs MIDI Baby 3 can control our MIDI-capable pedals using USB MIDI or TRS MIDI.  These instructions are for the MIDI Baby 3.  The MIDI Baby configuration is similar, but it only supports one device.

The MIDI Baby 3's 5-pin DIN jack is a MIDI output.  To add a DIN MIDI input, you will need the Disaster Area MIDI Y-cable.  In the MIDI Baby configuration app, turn on MIDI Thru for the port that the pedal is connected to, and off for the DIN output port.

There are two options for connecting the MIDI Baby 3 to your pedal: USB or TRS MIDI. 

Connecting MIDI Baby 3 to your pedal via USB MIDI

Use the Disaster Area Designs gHost adapter to connect the pedal to the MIDI Baby's USB port.  This will leave the pedal's CTRL port available for an expression pedal or remote switch.  The MIDI Baby USB function must be set to Host.

MIDI Baby configuration.

Connecting MIDI Baby 3 to your pedal via TRS MIDI

Use the MIDI Baby's MultiJack to send MIDI to the pedal.  Configure the MultiJack for MIDI Tip.

The MIDI Baby 3 has a second MultiJack that can be used for an expression pedal - configure it to send MIDI CC #4 on the pedal's MIDI channel.  Alternately, you can connect another pedal.  The screen shots below are for a Red Panda pedal on the red MultiJack and an expression pedal on the black MultiJack.  The pedal is set to MIDI channel 1.

MIDI Baby configuration.