The Tensor comes from the factory configured for mono input and stereo output.  Use our web editor (requires Chrome browser) to configure it for stereo input:

  1. Connect to the web editor using Google Chrome.
  2. Go to the Config tab.
  3. Select the desired Input/Output Configuration:
    Mono In / Mono Out
    Mono In / Stereo Out
    Stereo Dry / Mono Wet
    Stereo In / Stereo Out

The setting will be remembered when you turn off the pedal.

The Stereo Dry / Mono Wet setting maintains your dry signal in stereo while processing in mono, to maximize loop time.

The input/output configuration can also be set using MIDI SysEx messages, described in the "MIDI System Exclusive Messages" section of your pedal's manual.  Owner's Manuals are available at

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