You try to update your Tensor's firmware and after dragging the .bin file to the drive, the Tensor gives the following error:

  • Left LED solid red
  • Right LED blinking red


Verify that you are using the correct firmware update for your Tensor.  There are two different versions of the firmware, depending on the serial number of your Tensor.  This article explains how to tell the difference.

If your Tensor's serial number is <= 108-066999 and you are using a Mac, there is a slightly different process for updating.  You need to download the .dmg (not .zip) file and  use the included Update Firmware program to copy over the new firmware:

  1. Hold down the left footswitch and connect power.
  2. The blue LED will blink.
  3. Continue holding the left footswitch for 2 seconds.
  4. The blue LED will turn solid. The pedal is now in USB Mass Storage mode.
  5. Connect the pedal to the computer using a mini USB cable.
  6. Open the TENSOR drive on your computer.
  7. Copy the firmware file to your Tensor:
    right click on the “Update Firmware” script and select “Open”.
  8. After the firmware update is complete, the green and blue LEDs will be solid.
  9. If an error occurred, the red LED will blink instead.
  10. Eject the TENSOR drive from your computer:
    click the eject button or drag the TENSOR icon to the trash
  11. Disconnect the USB cable.
  12. Turn the pedal’s power off.