The Boss ES-8 has eight loops that can route or bypass effects, but you can also turn our effects on or bypass them by sending MIDI messages when the patch changes.  Our MIDI-capable pedals respond to MIDI CC 88 to switch between on (127) and bypass (0).  If you have multiple pedals, each should be on its own MIDI channel so that you can turn them on/off independently.

The ES-8 can send 8 MIDI messages when the patch changes (Patch MIDI 1-8).  The "Using CC (Control Change) to Control a MIDI-Equipped Effect Unit When the Patch Changes" section of the ES-8 Owner's Manual gives an example.

To connect the ES-8 MIDI output to the pedals, you can use a 5 pin DIN to TRS MIDI adapter designed for guitar pedals.  If you have a hybrid setup including a tablet or computer, you can also use USB MIDI.

To configure the pedal:

  1. Connect the pedal to your computer and open its web-based editor.
  2. On the Config tab, set the pedal to a unique MIDI channel.  If you only have one MIDI pedal, you can leave it set to the default (channel 1).
  3. If you are using TRS MIDI, on the Ctrl Port tab, set CTRL Port Mode to "MIDI In (TRS)". Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

To set up the Patch MIDI messages for each patch on the ES-8, select one of the Patch MIDI 1-8 settings for each pedal and set the values:

ChMIDI channel of the pedal
Ctl1 CC#88
Ctl1 Val127 for on, 0 for bypass

If you have three pedals, you can set them to MIDI channels 1, 2, and 3, then use Patch MIDI 1 for the first pedal, Patch MIDI 2 for the second, and Patch MIDI 3 for the third.

The "MIDI Continuous Controller Messages" section of our pedals' owners manual shows all of the MIDI messages it receives.