If your presets behave differently using tap tempo after updating from version 2.0.x to 2.1.0 or later, it is probably due to a change in tap tempo behavior between the two firmware versions.

In the 2.0.x firmware versions, if no note divisions were set then the tap tempo would default to 1/4 notes.  We changed that in the 2.1 firmware, and now if note divisions are not set you will not get any tap tempo (or MIDI sync).  That is true for both presets and your live setting (which gets saved when the power is off).

The reason for the change is so that you can disable tap tempo/MIDI sync for a preset without adding another on/off parameter which would have been confusing.  For example, if you have tap tempo set "off" and then set delay to 1/4 notes, it can take a minute to figure out why tap tempo isn't working.

With the firmware, our factory reset initialized all of the note divisions to "off".  So if you never set it using the editor or [DIV] mode on the pedal, you would still be getting 1/4 note repeats with that firmware.  But when you updated the firmware, it used the stored settting ("off") and you get no 1/4 note delay.

With the 2.1 firmware, our factory reset initializes the delay note divisions to 1/4 note, so if you never edit those the behavior is the same as the previous firmware.

Follow this set of steps to update your preset:

  1. Connect to the pedal using the web editor
  2. Load your preset
  3. Set Delay Div to 1/4 note
  4. Save your preset again