The Context 2 cathedral is an updated version of the Context V1 cathedral algorithm.  The Context 2 has a higher sampling rate, lower noise, more headroom, and 32/64-bit arithmetic, so it will not "null test" against the V1.

Context V1
Context 2
Context 2 Settings
BlendDry signal approximately -3dB at center.Blend curve is different, so adjustment is needed.  Context V1 blend had both signals down -3 dB at center.  Context 2 dry signal is unity gain at center.
Delay (0-100 ms)PRE (0-150 ms)PRE knob from approximately 7:00 to 1:30 matches full range of V1 knob.
DecayDECAYContext 2 knob approximately matches V1 settings.
DampingHISettings from 9:00 to 3:00 approximately match the V1 knob range, in the opposite direction:
9:00 approximately matches fully clockwise (max) on V1
3:00 approximately matches fully counter-clockwise (min) on V1
N/ALOSet to approximately 3:00 to match V1.  Decreasing will reduce low end, increasing will boost.
N/AMODSet to 7:00 for V1 reverb tail modulation.  Increasing this knob will introduce new types of modulation.

A lot of factors can affect sound quality in subtle ways.  The lower headroom on the Context V1 (+ 3dBu) means that there is more likely to be some internal clipping and distortion.  If that is part of the sound you are trying to recreate, you can add a slight boost (~ +2.5 dB) before the Context 2, or use the web editor to set its maximum input signal level to +0.5 dBu, which will clip earlier.

The blend curve is different and might take some adjustment.  If your guitar has less "body", try decreasing the blend (more dry).

The HI knob covers the full range of the V1 damping knob - and more - but in the opposite direction so that the reverb gets brighter as you turn the knob clockwise.

If you are having trouble matching a sound, please contact us and we can help.  If possible, attach a direct (no mic) recording with the same phrase played three times: dry, Context V1, Context 2.