• Dry signal is heard in bypass (blue light off)
  • Left LED turns red/green normally when HOLD button is pushed
  • No sound is heard when the effect is engaged (blue light on)

Things to check:

  1. If the SPEED knob is at noon, the Tensor is in "tape stop" and no sound will be heard.  Try these knob settings:
    SPEED 5:00
    TIME 12:00
    PITCH 12:00
    BLEND 7:00
    RAND 7:00
    HOLD = REC
    DIR = FWD
    HOLD - M
    ON - L
  2. The Tensor requires a 9V center negative regulated power supply rated at 250 mA or more.  See this article for more information about power supplies:
  3. The Tensor has stereo TRS input and output jacks.  Connecting a balanced signal can cause phase cancellation, depending on how the pedal is configured.  1/4" TS (mono) cables can also be used.  See this article for more information about connections:
  4. We test every pedal before it leaves our workshop.  It is unlikely, but possible, that your pedal was damaged somewhere between our QA bench and your pedalboard.  If the steps above do not resolve your problem, please contact us and include the serial number of your Tensor, the make and model of your power supply, and what type of cables you are using (TS/TRS/insert, etc.).