The Disaster Area Designs micro.ghost is a simple USB MIDI host that allows you to connect one of our pedals to MIDI controllers with 5-pin DIN MIDI ports.  Configuration is very easy.

  1. Use our web editor to configure your pedal for MIDI channel 1.  That is the default channel, so if you have not changed the MIDI channel it will work out of the box.
  2. Use the configuration switches on the bottom of the micro.ghost to configure the MIDI channel you would like the pedal to send and receive messages over the 5-pin DIN MIDI ports.
  3. Connect the pedal to the micro.ghost's USB HOST port using a USB A to Mini-B cable. 

The micro.ghost always uses channel 1 for the USB MIDI device (pedal).  The MIDI channel assignment on the micro.ghost is the channel your MIDI controller uses to send and receive messages to/from the pedal.  Each device connected to the same 5-pin DIN MIDI cable is typically assigned to a different channel (that is less important for USB MIDI devices, since the host can address each device directly).  For example, if you are using a Particle 2 and Tensor with two different micro.ghosts connected to the same MIDI controller, you might set the Particle's micro.ghost to channel 1 and the Tensor's micro.ghost to channel 3.  The Particle and Tensor must both be configured for channel 1.

The LED next to the micro.ghost's USB HOST port will be red when nothing is plugged in and green when a USB device is connected.  It blinks off when there is MIDI activity.

Refer to the micro.ghost manual for other configuration settings.


  • Is the micro.ghost connected to a 9V power supply?