Common MIDI Continuous Controllers

Our MIDI-capable pedals use a common set of MIDI continuous controllers to automate and control the footswitch actions.  Controllers 80 and 81 mimic the footswitches, including tap, double tap, and hold actions.  Other controllers turn individual functions on or off.  The individual functions are usually prefered, unless you are using a MIDI controller for remote control of a table-mounted pedal.

CC NumFunctionValues
4Expression pedal0-127
80Left footswitch127 when pressed, 0 when released (momentary mode)
81Right footswitch127 when pressed, 0 when released (momentary mode)
88Effect on/bypass0-63 Off
64-127 On
89Remote tap64-127
110Receive MIDI clock0-63 Off
64-127 On

Refer to the "MIDI Continuous Controller Messages" section of your pedal's Owner's Manual for more details.

Remote Control Using CC 80 and 81

MIDI continuous controller 80 and 81 act as remote controls for the footswitches on our MIDI-capable pedals.  Configure your MIDI controller to send a value of 127 when the button is pressed and 0 when it is released.  The MIDI controller button or footswitch will match the behavior of the pedal's footswitches, including hold and momentary/latching options.  Controller 80 is the left footswitch and controller 81 is the right footswitch.

Arturia Beatstep Pro Setup

Use Arturia's MIDI Control Center to configure a step button of pad in CC Mode.  Set the Play Mode to Gate so that it sends the On Value when the button or pad is pressed and the Off Value when it is released.  Set the MIDI CC to 80, and adjust the MIDI Channel and MIDI Ports to match your setup.  Off Value should be 0 and On Value 127.

Repeat for the right footswitch pad with MIDI CC set to 81.