Here are some links to YouTube videos (with timestamps) that show delay effects.

Video (timestamp link)
Context 2
Mark Johnston
A Deep Dive Into the Red Panda Context 2 | Secret Weapons Demo & Review (57:20)
The Context 2's tap tempo delay, alone or with all reverb modes.
Context 2
Mike Hermans
Red Panda Context 2 (04:00)
Delay alone and with with Hall reverb.
Particle 2
Michael W. Westbrook
How I Use "Weird" pedals for "normal" sounds - Featuring the Red Panda Particle 2 (00:00)
Using the Particle 2 for modulated delay and other more typically "musical" effects.
Particle 2
Mike Hermans
Red Panda Particle 2 Granular Delay | Demo (00:00)
Particle 2 has 5 delay modes, each can do a "normal" tap delay, or adjust to more exotic taste.
Particle 2
Red Panda Lab
Particle 2 'Normal' Delay In 5 Modes (00:00)
A bonus video where we demonstrate specific ways to get a "normal" delay in each delay mode.
Raster 2
Pedal of the Day
Red Panda Raster 2 Digital Delay (Stereo) (00:00)
Raster 2 tap tempo delay, shown with and without pitch or frequency shifting, modulation, and reverse delay.
Red Panda - Tensor (08:01)
Using NXT and OVR mode to get single and multiple repeat delay effects.
Red Panda Lab
Tensor | Slapback Delay & Single Repeat Tap Tempo (00:00)
Using NXT mode to do short and long single repeat delays.