Here are some links to YouTube videos (with timestamps) that show stereo effects.

Video (timestamp link)
Bitmap 2
Do Noise
Red Panda Bitmap 2 Bitcrusher (08:01)
Random stereo filter after reverb.
Context 2
Do Noise
Red Panda Context 2 Reverb (Stereo) (00:10)
Full stereo demo of all 8 reverb modes.
Particle 2
Doug Hanson
Red Panda Particle 2 Granular Delay | Demo (00:00)
Demo of all modes, and new stereo functions using the 2.2 firmware in conjunction with the web editor or MIDI controllers.
Particle 2
Tri Pedal Reviews
Red Panda Particle V2 - Firmware 2.2 Update - Preset Showcase (00:22)
Demo of cinematic/ambient presets highlighting the stereo options of the 2.2 firmware.
Raster 2
The Pedal Zone
Red Panda Raster 2 Delay Demo - A Sound Designer's Dream! (STEREO - Use Headphones) (00:00)
"Guitar, Synthesizer and Drum Machine demo of Red Panda Labs enigmatic echo machine, the Raster 2."