Here are some links to YouTube videos (with timestamps) that show chorus sounds.  

Video (timestamp link)
Particle 2
Guitar Bonedo
Red Panda Particle 2 - Sound Demo (no talking) (02:56)
Pitch LFO mode with fast modulation plus distortion/overdrive.
Particle 2
Jam Bumanlag
Nineworkz - My 5 Favorite RED PANDA PARTICLE Settings! (00:10)
"Laundau chorus" Pitch LFO mode with lots of feedback.
Raster 2
The Pedal Zone
Red Panda Raster 2 Delay Demo - A Sound Designer's Dream! (STEREO - Use Headphones) (12:47)
"Chorus Dreams" bring delay and feedback all the way down, and you have a delightfully dreamy chorus tone.
Raster 2
Do Noise
Red Panda Raster 2 Delay Pitch & Frequency Shifter (08:18)
"Chorus phaser" modulated delay with minimum delay time creates a chorus effect. Adding the frequency shifter brings in a phaser sound.
Red Panda - Tensor  (06:45)Slightly lowering the Speed creates a chorus/flange effect, as does slightly raising the Pitch and lowering the Speed a bit more.