Here are some links to YouTube videos (with timestamps) that show glitch sounds.  

Video (timestamp link)
Particle 2
Emily Hopkins
Cyberpunk music, glitch orchestra, and... Mr. James (03:06)
Favorite sounds in each mode of Particle 2.
Particle 2
Do Noise
Red Panda Particle 2 Granular Delay / Pitch Shifter (00:00)
Delay RND mode with adjustments to CHOP, max delay time, and time randomization range.
TensorJam Bumanlag
Nineworkz - My Top 13 Red Panda Tensor Settings! (00:00), (01:58), (03:37), (05:30)Various glitch settings.
Emily Hopkins
Red Panda Tensor LIMITED EDITION Pedal - Effects Pedal Demo on Harp (03:00)
How to confuse a harpist. ?