Here are some steps to try if your expression pedal does not work or you cannot assign it to knobs:

  1. Verify that you are using a TRS cable.
  2. Verify that the expression pedal uses a 10 kΩ or higher potentiometer and a TRS output, with the wiper connected to the tip.
  3. Check the wiring in the expression pedal manual. 
  4. Some expression pedals have switches that change their behavior, try both settings.. 
  5. Start with the expression pedal in the middle of its range (not heel or toe) when you connect it to the pedal.
  6. Configure the expression pedal without calibrating its range. 
  7. Check in the web editor to see if the on-screen slider matches the pedal movement. 
  8. Check the firmware version (shown on the Config tab of the web editor) and update to the latest version.
  9. Do a factory reset of your pedal.  It will configure the CTRL port for an expression pedal with the default assignment.

If it still does not work, please contact us for further assistance.