Each of the Raster's knobs and switches has an alternate function, labeled in gray. The default setting for each knob is 12:00 (center). 

To adjust alternate parameters for each knob:
Hold the WAVE/[ALT] pushbutton until the right LED turns cyan. For controls labeled "L / R", the PRESET and WAVE LEDs will show the setting as the knob is moved. The FDBK knob's alt parameter is a tone control, and is not L/R specific. Center is the default.
Left/right controls are off when the two middle LEDs are lit: 
 ○○○● ●○○○

The three upper toggle switches also have factory default positions.

To reset switches to defaults:

Set Shift Mode switch to the right, Feedback Mode switch to the center, and Delay Range switch to the right.

These switch settings will assign modulation to delay, arrange stereo delay lines in parallel, and set maximum delay time to 1600ms respectively.