To download the firmware:
1. Go to
2. Download the firmware (.zip) file to your computer.
3. Unzip the downloaded file to extract the binary firmware file (.bin).

• Do not rename the extracted file.

• Never disconnect the pedal’s power while an update is in progress. Otherwise the system software or the pedal itself may be destroyed.

Update procedure

1. Hold down the left footswitch and connect power.
2. The right LED will blink blue.
3. Continue holding the footswitch for 2 seconds.
4. The LED will turn solid blue. The pedal is now in USB Mass Storage mode.
5. Connect the pedal to the computer using a mini USB cable.
6. Open the RASTER drive on your computer.
7. Drag and drop the firmware binary (.bin) file to the RASTER drive.
8. Some of the LEDs will blink to show progress.
9. After the firmware update is complete, the right LED will turn solid green. If an error occurred, the LED will blink red instead.

NOTE: If the firmware update seems to stall, eject the RASTER drive from your computer and it should resume. If not, retry the procedure.

10. Once you have a solid green LED, eject the RASTER drive from your computer:
Mac: click the eject button or drag the RASTER icon to the trash
Windows: right-click on the RASTER icon in My Computer and select “Eject”
11. Disconnect power.

If the left LED blinks red, disconnect power and try again. If you continue to have problems, please email

Please tell us which LEDs are on, what type of computer, and which operating system you are using.