MIDI channel

Our TouchOSC Mk1 layouts send MIDI continuous controller and program change messages on channel 1.  TouchOSC does not have a global setting to change the MIDI channel, so your pedal needs to be set to MIDI channel 1 (which is the default).  You can set the MIDI channel on the CFG layout of the layout, even if it is currently set to a different channel.

If you need to use a different MIDI channel, you can use Hexler's TouchOSC Editor to update the MIDI channel of every control.

TouchOSC application

1. In the TouchOSC app, click the circle icon in the top right corner:

2. Under CONNECTIONS, at least 1 CoreMIDI In and Out device should be listed.  Click on the CoreMIDI menu item to view the devices:

3. Confirm that it shows the pedal name and everything is enabled. If the pedal does not show up under INPUTS and OUTPUTS, click the refresh button in the upper right.

4. If the pedal does not show up after refreshing, check to make sure you are using the correct USB adapter and USB cable.

Core MIDI troubleshooting

The free MIDI Wrench application will list all connected MIDI devices and display messages sent by the pedal.

1. Open MIDI Wrench and look for the pedal in the CoreMIDI Devices window.  It should be listed under "MIDI Devices (i.e. Hardware), and should not be grayed out or say "(offline)".

2. Turn one of the pedal's knobs and look for CC events in the Incoming MIDI Events window.

Further troubleshooting

If the pedal does not show up in the list of devices in TouchOSC and MIDI Wrench, try connecting the pedal to a Mac or PC using the same USB cable and confirm that it can be seen.  On MacOS, open the Audio MIDI Setup application and verify that the pedal shows up in MIDI Studio window and is not grayed out.  You can also use a an application like MIDI Monitor, Pocket MIDI, or MIDI-OX on Mac or Windows to verify that the pedal is sending messages via USB MIDI.

Contact us if you need additional help.


TouchOSC Mk1 for Android does not support USB MIDI devices, so you cannot connect your pedal directly to an Android tablet or phone.