You can install TouchOSC Mk1 layouts on your iOS device using iTunes file sharing or Hexler's TouchOSC Editor application.  TouchOSC Editor will also allow you to edit layouts or create your own.  iTunes file sharing makes it easy to manage multiple layouts.

Managing layouts with iTunes

Refer to the TouchOSC manual for information about managing layouts using the iTunes File Sharing mechanism.

Managing layouts with TouchOSC Editor

Your computer and iOS device must be on the same WiFi network to transfer layouts.

1. Go to

2. Click Resources and download TouchOSC Editor for your operating system.

3. Install TouchOSC Editor and open the application.

4. Click the Open:

5. Select the layout to open it in TouchOSC Editor.

6. Click the Sync button in the toolbar to sync the layout to your device:

7. A Layout Sync window will open.  Keep that window open and switch to your iOS device.

8. In the TouchOSC app, click the circle icon in the top right corner:

9. On the TouchOSC screen, click on the currently active layout:

10. On the Layout screen, click Add:

11. If your computer is not listed under FOUND HOSTS, confirm that the computer and iOS device are on the same WiFi network and the Layout Sync window is open in TouchOSC Editor.

If you had an older version of the layout installed, it will warn you.  Click OK.

12. It will return to the Layout window, listing all of the installed layouts.  Click on the name of the layout you just synced:

13. On the TouchOSC screen, click Done:

14. On the TouchOSC screen, click done.  The layout is now active:

15. Back in the TouchOSC Editor application, click Stop Sync.

16. You can now quit the TouchOSC Editor application.