On our pedals with tap tempo, you can use any external tap tempo switch with a normally open momentary contact, including multi-output tap controllers.   Tap the switch at quarter note intervals to set the delay time using tap tempo. The LED will blink yellow to indicate the current tempo. To cancel tap tempo, quickly double tap the left (TAP) footswitch or turn the related knob.  

Most of our pedals allow you to select different note divisions for all time-based parameters and modulators.  For example, the Context 2 has independent note divisions for delay, pre-delay, and tremolo rate.  Refer to the "Tap Tempo" section of your pedal's Owner's Manual for details.

This video shows the Context 2 with the MXR M199 tap tempo pedal, but the process is the same for other pedals and tap tempo switches:

  1. Connect the tap tempo switch to the CTRL port using a 1/4" TS (mono) cable.
  2. Connect the pedal to your computer using a USB mini B cable and use our web editor to configure the CTRL port:
    1. Click Refresh if needed to connect
    2. Open the Ctrl Port tab
    3. Set CTRL Port Mode to Tap Tempo
    4. Click Save. The mode will be remembered when the pedal is off
  3. The right LED will blink green to indicate that the configuration has been saved
  4. Use the Edit tab or the pedal's knobs to select a note division

Note divisions are stored in presets and remembered when the pedal is turned off.  They are also used for MIDI clock sync.  To create a preset that ignores MIDI clock, set the note division to Off for all parameters.

The CTRL port configuration is global and remembered when the pedal is turned off.  It is not stored in presets, since it depends on your setup.

The CTRL port supports external tap tempo switches that use a normally open momentary switch.  When pressed, the  switch shorts the tip to the sleeve.