For insert effects, Studio One's Pipeline XT plugin allows external effects to be inserted on audio or instrument channels just like plugins.  When used as an insert effect, the pedal's blend or mix knob will adjust the wet/dry blend.  Pipeline XT does automatic latency compensation.

When using a pedal on an aux send/return, set the pedal's blend to 100% wet or use kill dry bypass mode to avoid phase issues.  Kill dry will mute the dry signal whether the pedal is on or in bypass. 


You can add any of our MIDI-capable pedals to Presonus Studio One as external devices.

  1. Open Studio One-->Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences window, select External Devices.
  3. Click Add... to open the Add Device window.
  4. In the Add Device window, select New Instrumentfrom the list on the left side.  Enter the following information to set up the device:
    1. Manufacturer: Red Panda
    2. Device Name: pedal name (Particle, Context, etc.)
    3. Receive From: select the pedal from the drop-down list
    4. Send To: select the pedal from the drop-down list
    5. MIDI Channels: select the MIDI channel for your pedal (default is 1)
    6. Select Send MIDI Clock to synchronize your pedal to Studio One.  You will also need to enable MIDI clock on the pedal using our web-based editor (Config tab).
    7. Click OK.