This only applies to Particle V1 (no USB).

Please try the following troubleshooting steps.  If this does not solve the problem, send us a message describing the symptoms and which power supply you are using (make and model).

  1. Check to make sure there is a signal in bypass (blue LED off).  If there is not, it may be a bad cable.
  2. Earlier Particles require a TS (mono) input cable to turn the pedal on.  If you are using a TRS (stereo) cable, it might work intermittently.
  3. If there is a signal in bypass but not when the pedal is on, verify that the input and output cables are not swapped.  Input is on the right, output on the left (looking at pedal from front).
  4. With the pedal on (blue LED lit), turn the blend control all the way down (7:00) and see if there is a dry signal.
  5. Check that the chop control is not set to freeze (> 50%).  At higher settings, it will recycle the empty delay buffer and ignore the input signal.
  6. Set the knobs to the following values and see if there is a wet signal (delayed ~ 500 milliseconds):
    blend: 100% (5:00)
    chop: 0% (7:00)
    delay/pitch: 100% (5:00)
    param: 0% (7:00)
    feedback:  0% (7:00)