Any 9V center negative (Boss-style) regulated power supply that can provide enough current will work with our pedals.   The plug should have 2.1mm inside diameter and 5.5mm outside diameter.  This is the type of power supply used by almost all guitar pedals, and we recommend using one designed specifically for effects.  If you have a few pedals, we recommend a multi-pedal power supply with independent regulated outputs (not daisy chained).

Here are the specs:

Voltage: 9V (regulated)

Minimum current: see bottom of pedal or documentation

Polarity: center (pin) negative

Barrel diameter: 2.1mm x 5.5mm

The Bit Mixer and Bit Buffer can run at up to 18V for more headroom.  Our other pedals are designed to run at 9V only. Our newer pedals (with USB jacks) will detect if the power supply does is not able to provide enough current.  The bypass LED with turn magenta/purple and the pedal will switch to bypass. 

We do not supply a power adapter, since we sell our pedals throughout the world and many of our customers have pedal boards with multi-pedal power supplies.

If you only have one pedal, the Boss PSA series (PSA-120S in USA) works great.

For multiple pedals, it is worth investing in a good multi-outlet power supply.  All of the name-brand ones we have tested work great, as long as you use a correctly rated outlet.  We cannot test every power supply out there, and name-brand power supplies not listed below generally work fine. 

For portable use, a rechargeable power supply like the Pedaltrain Volto or Mission Engineering 529i will power our pedals.  To estimate how long it will run, divide the mAh rating by the total current required and multiply by 80% (safety margin).  Some of the Mission Engineering 529 series power supplies can be powered by either a USB power adapter or rechargeable power bank.

Tested Power Supplies

These power supplies have been tested and confirmed to work with all of our pedals.  Most other regulated power supplies with sufficient current rating will also work with our pedals.  See below for notes on specific power supplies, and a list of power supplies that we have tested but do not recommend.

  • Boss PSA series
  • CIOKS DC10, DC5 (see notes)
  • Eventide PowerMAX (see notes)
  • Mission Engineering 529 series (see notes)
  • Monoprice 611690
  • Mr Power 9V DC 1A (1000mA)  (daisy chain)
  • MXR dc brick (see notes)
  • Pedaltrain Volto 3 or higher (rechargeable) 
  • Strymon Zuma and Ojai
  • Temple Audio Hi5 MOD (by CIOKS)
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic (see notes)
  • Truetone (Visual Sound) 1 SPOT (see note) and 1 SPOT Pro
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus, 4x4, ISO 5, and Mondo (see notes)


Use an 300 mA or 400 mA output set to 9V.

Other CIOKS, Eventide PowerMAX by CIOKS

All outputs that provide at least 300 mA work with our pedals.  Use a Standard Flex type 1 cable (black with 5.5/2.1mm center negative DC plug).  Outputs 4-7: set for 9V DC (both DIP switches down).

Mission Engineering 529 series


For any of the Mission Engineering 529 series power supplies, use an outlet rated 300 mA or 500 mA.  Depending on model, they can be powered by USB power adapters or rechargeable power banks for portable use.

MXR dc brick (M237)


The eight 9V outputs can deliver a total of 1200 mA in any combination.  Add up the current requirements for all of your pedals to ensure it is less than 1200 mA.

T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic


The eight 9V outputs can deliver a total of 500 mA in any combination.  Add up the current requirements for all of your pedals to ensure it is less than 500 mA.

Visual Sound One Spot (daisy chain)

We do not recommend using daisy chain power supplies with our pedals.  If any pedal emits noise onto the power line, it can get picked up or amplified by other pedals on the chain.  However, some people use One Spot power supplies without any noise issues.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

Outlets 1-6, 7, & 8 provide 100 mA of current.  Our effects pedals with USB require more current, so you need to use one of the L6 outputs (5 & 6) with the DIP switch set to NORMAL.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4

Use the 9V 400 mA (high current) outputs to power our effects with USB ports.

Voodoo Lab ISO 5

Use the 9V 400 mA (high current) output to power our effects with USB ports.

Voodoo Lab Mondo

Outputs 1-4, 7 & 8 provide 100 mA of current, which is not enough to power our effects with USB ports.  You can use either of the 9V 400 mA outputs, or outputs 5 and 6 with the DIP switch off (9V).

Power supplies that are not recommended

  • LMNTL PHC PV-91A. Unregulated power supply.  It will work with our pedals using July 2020 or later firmware, but may be noisy.